Our Process

Our Development Process is designed in such a manner that we meet Quality and Requirements
of the project.

This will be the starting point of any project where you will meet with the project manager to discuss about the project requirements. As soon as the project requirements are finalized we will provide you with a total project cost and timeframe for delivery.
After preliminary discussions with the clients, we finalise the requirements of the project. Then, we prepare a project plan which consists of,

- Project Description
- Project Requirements
- Development Guidelines
- Project Milestones with time iteration
- Quality Assurance Method
- Summary
Based on the project plan and delivery schedule, we allocate our resources for the project. A Project Manager/Team leader takes the accountability for the development process in the right track by the team and ensures timely and proficient delivery of the project.
The project in completion enters the testing phase – a process to eliminate any errors (executive /administrative) and bugs that might occur during the real time execution of the project. After testing, we facilitate the client to review the project – offline.
On successful completion of the trial session, we activate the project “live on the air” as required by the Client and hand-over to them the package of relevant project files.

If required by our clients, we offer
• Interactive training to our clients
• Maintenance of the on-going project
• Improvisation with any additional functionality

Our Services