GIST Calculations Application for Risk Assessment for use of doctors and medical professionals, aiding in on-field diagnoses
  • Present research findings for tumor risk assessment in a handy way for evaluation (in a GIST calculator form)
  • Ability for limited use in-built (unlock code needed after fixed no. of uses)
  • Display organizational ads, logos
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A Custom Slideshow Application for easy photo sets viewing distributed as a free-to-use with ads
  • Custom Slideshow from stock photos
  • Thumbnails and folder displays
  • Ad integration with mobile ad providers
  • Image manipulation with custom hard gestures
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AMR-WB is an encoding scheme for speech signals that is widely used in VOIP and 3G telephony. It is similar to MP3 for Audio
  • Application in Android Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Codec, written in C using Android NDK
  • Controller, written using Android SDK to interface with the Codec using JNI.
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