February 28, 2011

WIFI is, what purpose, why are mobile phones support WIFI on a laptop?

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Wi-Fi is to connect personal computers, handheld devices (eg PDA, mobile phones) and additional terminal connected to every spare wirelessly technology. Wi-Fi is a wireless network communication technology, brand, from the Wi-Fi Alliance (Wi-Fi Alliance) detained. Objective is to improve the standard IEEE 802.11-based wireless network interoperability between products. Wi-Fi Commonly known as Wi-Fi wireless broadband (China Telecom CDMA 1X/3G also known as wireless broadband)

WIFI coverage: Now in some public places have WIFI hot spot (signal), such as: KFC, McDonald’s, coffee shops, business offices, airports, as well as your own home you can buy a wireless router set up their own WIFI hot spot, with your mobile phone search the know. As long as unencrypted WIFI hotspots, links can be achieved on the phone for free Internet access, it is really convenient place, and the Internet faster than GPRS, EDGE, should be twice as fast. Read More